Dining Services

Home cooked meals with variety

We at Oncore believe that food is more than nourishment, it is a joy that can bring people together.  Many of our finest memories are of us sitting around a table with our families and friends talking, laughing, and enjoying a beautiful home cooked meal. That is what we strive to bring to our residents. 

We are very happy to provide three home cooked meals every day with a variety of choices covering many different styles and regional types of cuisine. From comforting classics such as Shepherd’s Pie and Beef Stew, to ethnic favourites like our mild Coconut Curry Chicken and Lasagna there is something for everyone.

Seasonal menus

Four times each year the Food Services team presents the residents with a new seasonal menu. Each menu is catered to the season and the current resident’s tastes. To accomplish this our Food Services team is constantly looking for feedback from the residents and improving on the Dining Room experience, from the meal to the ambiance.

Holiday family dinners

Our residents may not be able to cook a full holiday dinner for their family anymore, but they can invite their family to join them in the Dining Room to celebrate all the special days in the year. We are proud to host a wide range of holiday dinners from traditional Christmas dinner to Canada Day. Our Food Services Team is always looking for a reason to celebrate and you may see unique celebrations such as national donut day or arbour day being celebrated throughout the year. To keep up to date, sign-up for our monthly e-newsletter!

Private dining room options

RiverBend Manor’s dining room features a private dining room (available to residents of both RiverBend and Mayfair). There families can enjoy an intimate, private gathering at any time throughout the year. To enquire about our Private Dining Room, please contact the front desk. Please note that this service is available on a first come, first served basis.